Instructions for Session Chairs

Instructions for Session Chairs

Instructions for Session Chairs

  • The Invited Speaker/s will most likely be seated in the first row of the hall and will make their way to the lectern on stage when it is their time to present.
  • A technician will also be present in the hall at the AV table to assist with all technological features taking place during the session. Notify them immediately of any equipment problems.
  • If you are chairing an oral abstract session, you will be asked to score each presentation on:
    • Scientific Value & Relevance
    • Originality
    • Credibility

Start of the Session

  • Welcome the audience in the hall and those joining online
  • Introduce yourself and your co-chair by name and affiliation
  • Explain to onsite attendees they have the option to approach the microphone to ask their questions

During the Session

  • Introduce the speaker/s and presentation title as indicated in the Conference App (note there could be last minute changes)
  • Please follow the schedule closely and gently interrupt speakers if they exceed the allocated time for their lecture

Instructions for Moderators of E-poster Discussion Sessions can be found here.

Please note:

  • If a speaker fails to attend the session, move to the next speaker
  • If the session ends early, please solicit questions from the audience and lead a discussion

 To End the Session

  • At the end of the session, kindly thank the presenters, the onsite and online audiences for their participation.