Regional Symposiums

Regional Symposiums

Regional Symposiums on 1st of March, Friday at 01:00 PM

Pakistan Endocrine Society (PES)

Rationale for Simplification: Presentation A1C of Diabetes in Pakistan by Ali Asghar
Improiving Compliance by Tabinda Dugal
Efficacy / Cost Effective Treatment by Saeed A. Mahar
Way Forward by Syed Abbas Raza

RS02: Latin America LATAM: A Huge Region with so Much to Share

La Federación Latinoamerica de Endocrinología

An Update of the Guidelines on the Treatment of the Obese-Diabetic Patients in Latin Americaby by Imperia Brajkovich
Introduction and Methodology on the FELAEN Position Statement Guidelines on Vitamin D Supplementation by Pilar de la Peña
Results on the FELAEN Position Statement Guidelines on Vitamin D Supplementation by Pedro Nel Rueda Plata

RS03: Joint session of the Korean Endocrine Society (KES) and the Japan Endocrine Society (JES)

Korean Endocrine Society & Japanese Endocrine Society

Osteoblast-Dependent Regulation of Tumor Immunity by Serk In Park, Republic of Korea
Pituitary and Thyroid Dysfunction Induced by Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors by Shintaro Iwama, Japan

RS04: Hidden Hunger And Endocrinology

South Asian Federation of Endocrine Societies

Hidden Obesity, Hidden Harm by Robin Maskey, Beatrice Anne and Nitin Kapoor
Hidden Hunger, Hormones and Health by Umar Y. Raja, Manilka Sumanatilleke and Lakshmi Nalini Kopalle

RS05: Association Management Models

CSEM Canada

Association Management Models by Jean Patrice Baillargeon

Regional Symposiums on 2nd of March, Saturday at 06:10 PM

RS06: Diabetes and Obesity. Twin Pandemics Globally and in South East Asia.

ASEAN Federation of Endocrine Societies

Diabetes And Obesity In Southeast Asia: Extent And How It Differs From The Rest Of The World by Dicky Tahapari
Pathophysiology Of Obesity And Treatment: Current And Future Perspectives by Thein Myint
Case-Based Approach To Patients With Diabetes Mellitus And Obesity: What Is Optimal Management by Carolyn Montano

RS07: Cardiometabolic Risks in Arab World: Are we united in language and CV risks?

Middle East Africa (MEA)

Prevalence of Diabetes, Prediabetes & Obesity in the Arab World by Noor Al Busaidi
CV Risk in People with Diabetes by Ines Khochtali
Screening for Cardiometabolic Disease by Mohamed Hassanein

RS08: Korean Endocrine Society (KES)

Korean Endocrine Society

A Role of Cell Senescence in Hepatic Gluconeogenesis and Counter Regulatory Response to Hypoglycemia by Yong-ho Lee
Decoding The Hormones – A Novel CRISPR Based Method for the Identification of a Cognate Receptor by Hunsang Lee
Machine Learning-Based Fracture Risk Prediction Models Using Image and Clinical Infomration by Sung Hye Kong

ESE: European Society of Endocrinology

European Society of Endocrinology

Endocrine Disruptors

RS09: South Asia Person Centered Endocrinology

South Asian Federation of Endocrine Societies

Ethnicity Specific Obesity Cut-Offs by Shahjada Selim and KVS Hari Kumar
Person-Centered PCOS: Learning from South Asia by Faria Afsana and Dina Shrestha


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