Travelling to Dubai

Travelling to Dubai

Welcome to Dubai, a hub of international connectivity!

The 21st International Congress of Endocrinology will be held in Dubai, a city where tradition meets innovation. As we engage in a scientific journey exploring the latest in endocrinology, Dubai offers a unique setting that reflects our shared commitment to progress and discovery. Embrace this opportunity for both professional growth and cultural exploration in a place that’s as dynamic and forward-thinking as the field we cherish.

Visa & Customs: It’s important to be prepared for your entry into Dubai. Most travelers can easily obtain a visa upon arrival, but we recommend checking the latest visa requirements for your specific country. The customs process is straightforward, and officials are committed to ensuring a smooth entry for all visitors.

Travelling to Dubai

Traveling to Dubai offers various convenient options. The city is served by the Dubai International Airport, a major global hub with flights from numerous international airlines. This ensures easy access from almost anywhere in the world. Upon arrival, you’ll find a range of transportation choices to reach the city center, including the efficient Dubai Metro, taxis, and bus services. While Dubai’s vastness makes walking less common for long distances, the city’s public transport system is highly efficient and user-friendly. Each option offers a comfortable and convenient way to start your journey in this dynamic city.

  • Metro: The Dubai Metro is a fast, clean, and safe way to travel to most parts of the city. It connects major attractions, business districts, and residential areas.
  • Buses: Complementing the metro, Dubai’s extensive bus network reaches areas that are not serviced by the metro.
  • Taxis: Widely available, taxis in Dubai are a convenient way to travel, especially for direct routes to specific destinations.
  • Car Rentals: For those who prefer exploring at their own pace, car rentals offer flexibility to navigate the city.
  • Tickets and Passes: Information about various travel cards and passes for public transport can be acquired from major metro stations and bus terminals.


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